Nick Clarke: Cabinet maker and furniture designer

Modern Miscellany

Processional cross stand

The processional cross stand lends a light touch to an otherwise rather gloomy church. The cross can be placed into it very easily and securely.

The font is for an Indian Orthodox church in Hemel Hempstead. The bowl should have been bigger, but thankfully my customers were delighted nonetheless.

The details are from an altar in an oddly shaped chapel (see the ‘Altars’ section). The threefold symmetry is, of course, representative of the trinity.

The prayer tree is in Christchurch, Spitalfields. It reads ‘Come unto me and I will refresh you’, and there are a few bronze nails on which prayer requests can be hung.

The sound desk is rather traditional in design, but modern in function. Even the church architect loved it, I’m told. The customer says ‘It is ideal in every respect’, which is good to hear, especially of such a complicated piece (it has 12 doors, two of them folding, all of them lockable, and accommodates a range of technical equipment.)