Nick Clarke: Cabinet maker and furniture designer

Traditional Miscellany

Bench-cum-altar rail, Magdalen College

This bench is one of a pair for Magdalen College, Oxford, made in a simple Arts and Craft style. They are there in place of altar rails, but are easily moved and may be used for seating. It is made of quartersawn English oak.

The lectern is unusual in that I’ve made more than one of these for various customers. It is at once traditional and elegant.

The pew is also one of a pair. It is made from a long, single pew, which was in poor condition.

The radiator cover is also one of a pair, and made from a pew taken out of the same church, so that it matches the furnishings very well. As is always the case, there was a lot of heartfelt opposition to removing the pews, but even the strongest opponents were won over. (It looks better in the church than in the photo.)

Lastly a vestry desk. Closed up it is a panelled oak box, which takes up little space.