Nick Clarke: Cabinet maker and furniture designer


Pulford altar inscription

The main piece shown here was made for the 300th anniversary of Pulford School. The shield in the front is the school’s insignia, an image of the church next door, to which the school has had links from its foundation. It is made of sycamore.

The triangular one is for an unusually shaped chapel. The vicar fixed on the size and shape, and commissioned me to create something within those contraints. It is made of beech and spalted beech.

The Abbey School altar is of oak, and its arches pick up on forms elsewhere in the room. It is inscribed (see the ‘Inscriptions’ section of this site) as a memorial of the donor’s mother.

The next altar is for use seated in the round. It is also inscribed, and is also made of beech and spalted beech.

Finally there’s a folding altar, for use in settings such as care homes. It is light weight and fits easily in the back of a small car.