Nick Clarke: Cabinet maker and furniture designer


Bar, wine racks, stools and all.

The main picture here is of a bar made of oak with sycamore detailing. When asked for feedback the customer replied,

“The finished product was perfect. Exactly what I wanted, no compromises at all. I would without question recommend and use Nick again.”

Next are some cupboards and shelves, which conceal – as you may see in the next picture – a washer and drier. The step-fronted design means that these large objects can be hidden away in a cupboard that is not over-sized for the room.

Painted furniture can be very stylish, and does not dominate rooms in the way that natural wood can, even when the pieces are very large.

These cupboards were painted by my customers, which makes them much more economical.

The glass-fronted cabinet is in black walnut.

The panelling is in oak and oak-veneered MDF. Veneered MDF is a very useful material, and can look very good, as I think it does here. The bar also contains veneered MDF. In this picture the panelling has no finish applied to it. You can see some of it stained and oiled in the ‘library shelves’ section.

Lastly there’s a raised bed in a tall boxroom. It was a very good use of space and very comfortable.