Nick Clarke: Cabinet maker and furniture designer

Miscellaneous services

What I offer

What would you like me to offer? The more unusual your request, the better I will be pleased. And if I can’t help you I may know someone who can. Please see A maker’s miscellany for a wide selection of pieces I have made over the years.

I also produce more traditional designs, in a Shaker or Arts and Crafts style, sometimes with a touch of Gothic.

On the other hand, if you need something very mundane, I would still be glad to hear from you. I also have a good working relationship with a local blacksmith, so if you’re wanting something made of wood and steel, such as garden furniture, I may well be able to help.

Where I offer it

I’m on the Bedfordshire - Buckinghamshire border, but my work is as far afield as Edinburgh, Somerset and Suffolk. I can deliver free-standing pieces anywhere, but built-in ones, which involve site-work, need to be closer to home. Please ask if you’re unsure.

Enquiries and prices

Whatever it is you are after, please do get in touch. Even if you have only a hazy idea of what you require or what might be possible, I would be glad to help you work something out.

My prices are very competitive, though it is not possible to give them here as everything is individually designed and made. I am able to tailor designs to fit budgets, and as I am not VAT registered your money will go a little further than you might think.