Odds & ends

Odds & ends 2017-12-19T14:25:27+00:00

A stool to a design from the National Trust house Hill of Tarvit. My customer made the tapestry seat cover and I built the stool.

Offcuts number five, one of an occasional series of pieces made from offcuts from my work. English oak and ebony.

A Buddhist shrine. English oak with no finish. To my customer’s design, as I have no expertise at all in shrines, but I was pleased to make one.

 The stool is a stylised version of the Chinese symbol for craft (or possibly art, I’m not too sure), and with the addition of an accent (kept on the artist’s desk) it means wood. The piece was conceived and designed by Tom Nash.

Offcuts numbers 2, 4 and 6. My wife observed that number 6 is just a lump of wood, so I placed another lump on top and entitled it Plinth. It’s very nice lump of wood: I couldn’t bring myself to chuck it in the stove.

Finally a fire surround for a music room. One of the instruments is a cello, the other a double bass, the instruments played by my customer and her son.